We just added some print work did with UNICEF’s polio team to our portfolio.

We’ve been working with UNICEF for a number of years now on communications strategies to help end polio worldwide. Though the disease is now only endemic to three countries in the world—Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan—differences in culture, lack of education on the disease, and lack of access have made it extremely difficult to address in those countries. In an effort to help UNICEF and their partners eradicate polio worldwide, we created this ‘Passport to a Polio-Free World’—an education print piece that, along with its inserts, follows the theme of an oversized travel passport, with stamp-style callouts, passport-like page imagery, and the distinct rounded page and cover corners.

You can read more about the piece and see additional images of the finished product in our print portfolio.

unicef-polio_1334 unicef-polio_1301