Looking for an easing in to the work week (can you tell we’re a little overwhelmed of late?) and thought we’d share this track from Chicago- + Minneapolis-based band, ON AN ON.

The band formed from the ashes of the five-piece Scattered Trees as two brothers—Baron Harper + Jason Harper—quit the band just before they were all set to enter the studio to record a full-length. Hitting a now-or-never moment, the remaining members—frontman Nate Eiesland, his now wife Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing. Sure, jerk move by the brothers, seemingly, but one of them is named Baron, so…shoulda’ seen it coming, guys.

And regardless of their merits as a larger band, the resulting album the trio put out under their new moniker is pretty great, start to finish. Today’s track, the gently rolling, catchy, Broken Social Scene-esque “American Dream”, is a standout from the band’s debut, but not by much—album opener “Ghosts” gives a trustworthy glimpse at the solid songwriting at the essence of the band’s songs and some great production throughout. And the upbeat “Panic” comes in a strong second among my personal favorites, ramping up the rhythmic pace of the record near its close while still retaining the music’s melodic hooks.

Give “American Dream” a listen as you start in on the week.

We just heard tell of the band ourselves but their debut, Give In, came out well over a year ago. So let’s show them some late-in-the-game love—order the vinyl for Give In or get the digital version via iTunes.

You can give the whole thing a listen through the soundcloud page of the band’s label.