Now that we’re well into to the new year and most of our friends, family, and clients have gotten our annual new year’s cards, we can safely write them up here.

We’ve been sending out holiday and new year’s cards for years now, first making them by hand, then, as our business grew, beginning to source out printing through various traditional letterpress shops that we like working with. Over the years, we’ve refined them, pulling from lyrics from some of our favorite songs and illustrations that reflect our love of animals.

This past year, as many already know, we lost our beloved cat of nearly twelve years, Allister (who was likely around 17 years old himself). We took that loss very, very hard. Honestly, we still think about him every day and our hearts still ache for that furry feline with such an impossibly big personality. So we clearly had to honor his memory with this year’s cards.

Along with our illustration of Al, the cards feature the chorus from Mr. Little Jeans‘ “Oh Sailor”, a song that served as kind of an anthem for us as we drove cross-country from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with Allister and our dog, Owen, in the back seat. The lyrics seem fitting to us.

You can read our 2014 interview with Monica Birkenes—AKA Mr. Little Jeans—and leaf through our various posts on the majestic cat that was Mr. Allister Mcvittes.

Happy new year, y’all; appreciate what you got and hold on to it tight.

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