We completed these projects a while back but are just now making time to share them.

As we’ve mentioned on these pages in the past, we’ve worked with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for a while now—since 2007, actually—helping them brand their office’s publications, Web products, and overall public impression as they work to organize communication between the many on-the-ground actions of various UN offices and outside aid organizations.

A longtime project—the office’s print annual report—collects data + information on the office’s many coordinated support efforts to address chronic issues around the world as well all too common national + regional emergencies. These reports are then shared with OCHA’s public audience as well as their worldwide supporters, reporting exactly how their financial aid is being put to use each year.

In recent years, we planned and designed a template to create Web-based annual reports to compliment the print versions, providing both duplicative information for audiences able to more easily digest it online and provide added content that can sometimes be difficult to effectively capture in print (most often, exhaustive financial data and data on regional + country office staffing).

This most recent print publication was large enough to require perfect binding (as opposed to saddle-stitch/staple binding) and brought in a whole new design template we developed hand-in-hand with OCHA. The cover features a full bleed photo that wraps around publication back + front. The Web version continues to employ the template we developed in 2011 for the office, evolving to incorporate both new formats of content and changing aesthetics in Web design.

You can see a few more images of the annual reports below, but take a look in our portfolio to see more about the Web + print publications.