I’ve often heard singer-songwriter, Shugo Tokumaru described as Japan’s Sufjan Stevens. Which I get—while he’s not quite as insanely prolific, he does EVERYTHING on his albums and pays all 100+ instruments on them, so a talented guy—but, with the layers of intricacies and sharp melodies, he reminds me much more of New York’s Mice Parade. Regardless of the accuracy of comparisons though, his music, with all it’s beautiful, dramatic sweeps and dives, is moving and captivating. Check out the new single from his most recent album—Port Entropy“Rum Hee,” this week’s Song of the Week. The album’s only available in Japan for the time being, but I’m sure something this good will make state-side in no time. And be sure to check out his 2008 album, Exit, while you’re waiting.