Blonde Redhead is one of those rare, amazing bands that seems to evolve effortlessly. Since their debut in 1995, they’ve traversed no wave, noise rock, avant-garde, and straight-up indie before settling on something wholly themselves. Upon hearing a Blonde Redhead song, it’s hard to not recognize the band behind it. So I’m understandably excited that they have a follow-up to their sublime 23 (2007) coming out September 14th.

Also exciting? In looking about online so as to catch up with the band since their last album, I found that they wrote a 15-song soundtrack to a documentary that came out earlier this year called The Dungeon Masters. Guess what it’s about. You guessed it, my friend. You guessed it. Here’s the official synopsis:

“An evil drow-elf is displaced by Hurricane Katrina. A sanitation worker lures friends into a Sphere of Annihilation. A failed supervillain starts a cable access show involving ninjas, puppets, and a cooking segment. These are the characters, real and imagined, of The Dungeon Masters: Against the backdrop of crumbling middle-class America, two men and one woman devote their lives to Dungeons and Dragons, the storied role-playing game, and its various descendants. As their baroque fantasies clash with mundane real lives, the characters find it increasingly difficult to allay their fear, loneliness, and disappointment with the game’s imaginary triumphs. Soon the true heroic act of each character’s real life emerges, and the film follows each as he or she summons the courage to face it. Along the way, The Dungeon Masters re-imagines the tropes of classic heroic cinema, creating an intimate portrait of minor struggles and triumphs writ large.”

Watch the trailer below. Then, as an obvious immediate next step, click here to add that gem to your NetFlix queue.

Oh, right… Also, Blonde Redhead’s “Not Getting There”, from the forthcoming album, Penny Sparkle, is this week’s Song of the Week. Check it out. If you like it, you can head over to their site for another free download.

The Dungeon Masters from Dungeon Masters Movie on Vimeo.