One of our favorite random finds from last year—Brooklyn’s Miracles of Modern Science (yes, MOMS for short)—have been hard at work on their debut studio LP. This week, they graced their fans with a preview from the album and we’re passing it on as this week’s Song of the Week—”I Found Space.” We’ve written about the band before briefly (we saw them open an amazing show with Micachu + the Shapes and Anni Rossi) and are very excited to hear that we’ll be hearing more from the band soon. The new track follows closely in the footsteps of previous songs—building off of modern pop arrangements for traditional stringed instruments—and sounds like it’s building well on the group’s strengths. Check it out when you get a chance. If you like it, head on over to the band’s site. You can sign up for their newsletter and even download the entirety of their 4-song EP from last year for free.