Phantogram • Don’t Move

There are some weeks where we honestly get to Monday and we’re like, “Meh. Guess we’ve gotta post some music.” Just because we’re not feeling any of the new stuff we’ve been hearing lately, or we’re just overworked with the non-blog, paying stuff, or we’ve just got a serious case of the Mondays. And, whereas, yes, those latter two are kinda true today (Seriously? No one else works on Columbus Day now? When did that happen?), we are seriously feeling this new Phantogram song. Like, deep down, my friend.

We first heard the upstate New York band last Winter and, while we were really, really into their breed shoegazing electro-nouveau-brood-o, this new single from their forthcoming “mini-LP” (think that’s an EP) just gets right into our blood flow and makes us want to dance. In a very “No, no, I’m not dancing,” leaning up against the wall, pretending not to care sort of way.

According to Josh Carter, the beardier of the two founding members, the new release, out November 1st, “is kind of an extension of the whole process of making and touring behind Eyelid Movies [their debut], and it feels in a lot of ways like the completion of what we were doing with the songs on that album.  The two [records] really go together in our minds. Nightlife couldn’t have been written anywhere other than in clubs and hotel rooms during this experience we’ve been having for the last year or two.”

Well we just hope there’s more like this to come. Keep it up beardy and not beardy. Added bonus—here’s “When I’m Small”, a track from their 2010 debut, Eyelid Movies.

Photo by Doron Gild.