“Some people call their music surreal. A lot of people call the music soothing. Almost everyone says it makes them think of trees.” How can you not be intrigued by that? So reads the description of Swedish band, Fredrik—a folky, electro-leaing outfit consisting of “one songsmith, one sound-painter, and one conceptual artist.” Kids these days, right? They can’t just have a normal job, like ‘accountant’ or ‘guitarist,’ they’ve gotta be all like, ‘No no no, I’m an ‘idea birther.’ See, it says so on my portable identity nameplate.’

Jokes aside, listening to Fredrik’s music, it does sound almost as if it was painted on air around you—swirling and ethereal and beautiful. And yes, it DOES kind of make me think of trees. Nailed it!

Check out this week’s Song of the Week, “White on White,” from their new and seemingly wonderfully designed EP, Origami (see below). You can order the vinyl or digital download from DC-based The Kora Records (yes, obligatory article ‘the’), who happens to be celebrating their 7th anniversary with an offer of 7 of their CD releases for $7. You can—and should!—get releases from our good friends, Donny Hue and the Colors and Meredith Bragg & the Terminals, among other fine, respectable young musicians.