Okay, okay, okay. We know, Reader—It’s not Monday. But we here at Kindness of Ravens are hella patriotic, and we simply could not bring ourselves to soil the reputation of our fine nation by stooping to such a thing as blogging on the 4th of July. Come that day, if you find us blogging…the terrorists really have won. Are bloggers allowed to write ‘terrorist’ again yet? Hm. I hope so.

Anyway, Reader, as you’re working through that post-holiday procrastination to-do list, prolonging the ever-important task of avoiding true responsibility and productive work, add listening to this week’s Song of the Week right to the top there. Brooklyn’s We Are Augustines (who, like last week’s artist, also have a lovely site) formed among the smokey ruins of the short-lived band, Pela. Shortly after the demise of that band, two of Pela’s main contributors—Bill McCarthy and Eric Sanderson—moved on to the new project that would become We Are Augustines. McCarthy wrote “Book of James” about the suicide of his brother, James, which happened soon after the turbulent times that led to the end of Pela and creation of this new project. The song is a driving, emotional piece, played with a raw intensity and sung with a truthful rasp that are all brought together to create a superb, sincere, and simple sound.

You can get the digital version of their debut album—Rise Ye Sunken Ships—over on the iTunes, and you can hear another nice track and watch a video of people making out in Williamsburg below. Check out their site for some interviews, lyrics, show info, and less make-out-y videos.