We have this potentially mythical concept, I think, that one day we’ll finally be ‘settled’ in our new lives here in California and that, somehow, things will suddenly become normal. That may well be true—though, if it is, I’m sure it’ll be one of those realities you only recognize well after it’s become a fact—but, regardless, I’m beginning to realize two things:
1. Normalcy isn’t arriving any time soon; and
2. Our normal lives here, in LA, are going to be very different than our normal lives in Brooklyn.

That last bit should be obvious, and it is if it’s thought or talked out, I think—it’s why we made these big life changes, after all, for something different + new. But it’s still something we consciously have to remind ourselves of because I think our natural tendency is to wait for the normalcy we left behind that was our former lives.

All of that serves to say—in a wildly over-dramatic, long-winded manner, I might add—that I have to keep stopping myself from saying ‘Now that we’re starting to get settled in, (insert things we’ve been meaning to do).’

So, without having found a good alternative as of yet…. Now that we’re starting to get settled in, we’ve finally managed to add the work we did on MooShoes‘ new Web site to our portfolio.

As you may or may not know, MooShoes is a NYC-based shoe + accessories store that specializes in cruelty-free (i.e. – leather-free) products. What’s more, after 12+ years of being in business, MooShoes has become an institution of sorts, with their Orchard Street store serving as a de facto hub of the cultural + social side of the animal rights realm and their online presence growing year by year.

We’re happy to count sisters and store-owners, Erica + Sara Kubersky, as friends of ours after so many years of work, so we were more than happy to dig in deep when they asked us to work with the company they’d chosen to overhaul their point-of-sale system and site back-end, NYC-based Microbizit.

After rounds of initial front-end designs and proposed site structures, we created a number of page templates that covered the extent of the fully built-out site and then trouble-shot the design as Microbizit worked to put our design into action. After the initial site went into development, we built out brand + category pages with custom headers and continued to edit copy + imagery leading up to the site launch.

The final product updated the MooShoes site to bring it up-to-speed with modern, mainstream online stores while growing the brand we developed for them back in 2005 + 2006.

Take a look at the site in full when you get a chance—who couldn’t use another pair of shoes?

For more information on why we choose not to support the leather industry, check out PETA’s write-up, including a message from Stella McCartney, a handy infographic (also pictured to the right), and a cruelty-free clothing guide.