Tomorrow, our first major labor of love since founding our own company comes to fruition.

Tomorrow we officially open the doors to MooShoes Los Angeles, the first expansion for OG purveyors of vegan shoes and longtime friends + clients, Erica + Sara Kubersky.

Obviously, the company itself is a longtime passion for Erica + Sara, with origins in the sisters’ shared childhood compassion for animals. But  now, after nearly ten years of growing MooShoes’ brand professionally and spending just as many years building lasting friendships with Erica + Sara, Katie + I have excitedly taken MooShoes Los Angeles under our wings as our own, choosing the lines we carry, designing the space, and working to create an identity for MooShoes here that reflects both its universally compassionate roots and Los Angeles markedly…Los Angeles vibe.

So, correct—no rain boots.

In short, we’re excited about this, folks.

MooShoes Los Angeles is located at 3116 Sunset in Silver Lake and opens for the first time Saturday at 11AM.

Come by and see this guy if you get a chance.