Los Angeles Eater came out with their pick for the 12 best meat-free tacos in the city today.

As write Farley Elliott eloquently puts it:
“Vegetarian tacos don’t get a lot of love in Los Angeles, despite the wide overlapping Venn Diagram of ‘people who like tacos (everyone)” and “people in L.A. who don’t eat meat.'”

So true. But options about in this town—Eater could have easily done a piece on the 1200 best meat-free tacos, I’m guessing.

Though they missed some of our favorites—Malo’s mock ground beef + pickle tacos, Mick from 100 Tacos‘ soy chorizo + sweet potato black bean tacos on fresh tortillas, and Mixto‘s soy chorizo tacos with citrus habanero salsa (pictured above)—they hit others, like the ever-excellent Gracias Madre, and tout a few others we’ve never heard of that, sans dairy, sound pretty great.

Check out Eater’s listing + interactive map for more.

Mmmmmm, tacos.