I’d say, in general, we’re relatively modest, un-sappy, private people when it comes to most things in life. The lion’s share of the people bothering to read this likely know us in real life, but, for the two or three of you who don’t, you should know that Katie and I—the raven and the crow, as it were—are partners in both business and, more importantly, partners in life. I’ve been lucky enough to call Katie my love for the past thirteen years—through spikey hair and bangs, crazy piercings and trying emo bands, oversized t-shirts and zero fashion sense (those last two were just me). Seven years ago today, we took the opportunity to gather as many of our dear friends and family as we could and throw the best party we could muster, all in the name of loving each other. So I hope you don’t fault me for being overly sentimental, dear reader, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of Music Monday falling on our actual wedding date and have, accordingly, posted the song Katie and I first danced to as an officially married couple—Tom Waits’ “Little Trip to Heaven”—and I’d like to take this time to dedicate to her again, seven years later. I love you, Katie. Somehow more than I did that day, though I never thought that possible.

During the search for the above photograph of us actually dancing to Mr. Waits’ ballad, I came across the original wedding site files we posted for friends and family who wanted to see photos. I ended up having to take it down a long time ago and realized I never reposted it. So, I’ve remedied that as well, dear reader. Less as an exercise in egocentrism, more so that I can look through them all with Katie again…and marvel at how YOUNG we all looked. If you venture forth in the realm of 2003-era DC matrimony, keep in mind these things: 1. This was like the second Web site I ever made, so grain of salt, people. 2. Zapfino USED to be really cool. Honestly. 3. Yes, I did have a mad case of pink eye the day of my wedding. Sucked.

Happy Monday everyone. I’m now going to get off this dumb computer and go enjoy some QT with my lovely wife.