A new month—and one with spring in the air, no less—means a new mixtape, and this one’s chockablock with some awesome tracks from awesome artists.

That’s right, chockablock.

Minneapolis-based Lizzo starts us off with the perfect springtime, bedroom dancing track, “Let Em Say”, a song that celebrates women, features Caroline Smith (also outta M-town), and was included in the intro of a recent Broad City (AKA, the best show ever), so win-win-win. Then we’ve got a great song from British singer-songwriter Jack Garrat; something from a band we’ve been loving of late, Los Angeles’ own Tuft (FKA Hi Ho Silver Oh), who’s new album is pretty great start-to-finish; beautiful glitch from Blackbird Blackbird (who’s playing the Echoplex next month with the excellent Chad Valley—see you there!); a new one from NYC’s TEEN, who we wrote up last fall; a really fucking cool song from Wicca Phase Springs Eternal; a song from LNZNDRF, the new collaboration between the brotherly rhythm section of The National, Scott and Bryan Devendorf, and Beirut member and National/Sufjan collaborator Ben Lanz; a way-too-catchy mopey indie pop song from Brooklyn’s Porches (AKA, Aaron Maine), who, weirdly enough, Frankie Cosmos (AKA, Greta Simone Kline) used to play bass with…also weirdly enough, Cosmos/Kline is the daughter of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, the latter of whom once threw her coat on Katie during a show at the Bellhouse, some think on purpose. And a ton more great music, obviously.

Give it all a listen below. And, New York friends, do not despair—warmer weather and sunshine are just around the corner! Likewise, Los Angeles friends, don’t you despair either—we’ll get through that rain tomorrow if we all stick together and keep our heads about us!