With this unrelenting heat of late, we needed a little relief this past weekend. What better solution than a visit to the newly opened, vegan-friendly soft serve joint in Silver Lake, Magpie’s Softserve?

We keep hearing about this place from friends and have been meaning to check it out for far too long. They boast inventive flavors (Thai Iced Tea? Strawberry Cheesecake? Peanut Butter Pretzel?), work from a chef-inspired, from-scratch recipe for the soft serve, and always have at least two vegan soft serves on tap and at the ready.

Past non-dairy flavors have included such scrumptious contenders as Chai Coconut, Dark Chocolate Mint, and Blood Orange Creamsicle, but they were featuring a coconut-y Almond Joy flavor and the popular mainstay, the Corn Almond, which we both opted for. And it’s certainly earned its popularity—it had a rich sweetness to it and you could actually see the tiny specs of corn in the soft serve.

Katie topped hers with candied pecans whereas I opted for the excellent maple coconut flakes (which are mellow and not too coconut-y) and the vegan fudge sauce—heaven in a cone!

With an oft-rotating menu of flavors and rare reviews of their other vegan offerings, we’re sure to be back to be back for another visit soon…especially since the merciless sun seems to be on a mission to melt Los Angeles.

Magpie’s is located at 2660 Griffith Park Boulevard in Silver Lake, just off of Hyperion, down from that Trader Joe’s with the terrible parking lot and across the street from that Gelson’s that now has a bar inside…for my fellow grocery store aficionados.

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