Well, we made it, Reader.As you may have noticed, we took the ‘Get These Animals the Hell Across the Country STAT!’ approach to our travels rather than the ‘Slow, Leisurely, Explore the Rich Culture + History of Our Nation’s Countryside + Cities as Our Companion Animals Glower at Us’ approach.We did manage to see some friends + family along the way though, along with a few of the animal-friendly impressive sights our nation has to offer.

Posting a few choice photos from our travels as we settle in here in LA and get used to all this nice weather, polite driving, fresh produce, and gigantic grocery stores.

Seriously, they’re huge—you can stretch your arms out and not even get close to hitting anyone. Even if you do, they’re all like “Oh, no worries, that was totally my fault.”

And yes—these first two photos of us all at the Painted Desert are 100% real; no Photoshoping or Instagram filters whatsoever.