We bought these tealights a while back, but the light was hitting them in such a beautiful way the other day as we were leaving the house, I had to take a minute to photograph them.

Designed by Amsterdam’s &Klevering, the tealights are made of a delicate, thin white biscuit porcelain that, while delicious sounding, is simply unglazed porcelain. They then paint the insides with in neon pink, a spring pink, bright red, neon green, neon orange, and neon yellow, all of which give off a great glow when paired with a lit candle or, as we’ve opted to use them, just setting them in a really well lit space during the daylight hours. That keeps them soot-free too, which is nice with such a clean-looking porcelain.

You can order the tealights and a wealth of other fine home goods from &k’s site, but we got ours at the somewhat unfortunately named home design store, Yolk, in Silver Lake. Which really is a great store, despite the name. …sorry, Yolk—eggs just kinda gross me out, for multiple reasons.

IMG_0446 IMG_0441 IMG_0437