Reader, you need to understand something about us: We’re planners. Understand, I’m not bragging, kind of the opposite, really. For instance, if there is a decision to be made, regardless of the weight or lack thereof of the consequences of that decision, we will TALK it out. Like, forever. To the extent that we sometimes feel like we never actually DO anything, we just talk about doing things.

By way of example, we’ve got this gigantic green wall in our studio that we’ve been meaning to hang art on since we moved in. We talked out all kinds of options—stenciled birds flying up the wall, a cut out avian mobile of some sort, in-house climbing wall—and eventually settled on a poster project. Each of us would design anything we wanted whenever we wanted and we’d frame them and put ’em up on said giant wall. We decided that a while back….

Alas, one day Katie started printing up our first set—three designs themed in the realms of royalty and all things corvid. Check it out!