As we’ll be traveling up the coast for some work the next couple days, we thought it worth mentioning—we have an Instagram account.

Well, technically, we have two—an ‘official’ one for the studio + a personal one for Katie. The former’s mainly run by Troy (me), not due to any strange anti-Katie hierarchical reasoning, more because I’m an early adopter when it comes to promotional social media and hopped on that raven + crow user name very promptly.

Anyway, as we head up the coast, check out either or both Instagram feeds. They usually feature most prominently our handsome-yet-goofy dog, Owen; our wise and somewhat wizened cat, Allister; a lot of soon-to-be-eaten vegan food; hiking; and many other things we deem pretty and/or funny, like this note someone left on the sidewalk the other day.

In the next couple days, we anticipate fewer dog + cat photos, but many more of the California coastline and venerable Sonoma vineyards.

Above, a piece we call “Cat in Profile, Galloping Up Brick Hill”. We anticipate it rivaling notable Warhols in both price + prestige given time.