I know, right? You’re all like, “Pssh. Where you beeeeeeeen?” I have no good answer for you, reader. Actually, that’s not true. I have many good answers for you, but none excuse us from our Webbly duties. Here they are nonetheless:

1. At the end of last week, we were celebrating dear Katie’s birthday. Happy birthday!


3. We HAD been trying, this weekend and in the past couple days, to move things over from the antiquated, non-sensical method of dual posting on Blogger and then on our actual site by creating a new location on our site to which Blogger could post directly, but we’ve been having MAD DNS issues with our host. So, we’re still working on it, but we felt the need to post in the old method, dear reader, because we know you need us. And there’s been a picture of hot dogs on here for like a week.

4. Also, WORLD CUP!!!

With all that said, check out this week’s Song of the Week, So Close, by Spain’s Delorean. Yes, they are named after the über-cool car with the flux capacitor, and yes, they do indeed blissfully blend beachy dream-pop with catchy dance music well in this track. Check it out. And, if you like, catch them at Bowery in a couple weeks.

Yours in technical confusion, KoR.