A very belated happy new year to you all.I know it’s been a while since we’ve piped up in the least, but, since last we spoke, we’ve driven from LA to Brooklyn with cat + dog in tow, celebrated with friends + family back East through laughter + tears, driven again from Brooklyn to LA with cat + dog in tow (they really hate planes), and, yes, successfully moved home + business to the city of Los Angeles. Oh, all whilst working the entire time. So, yes, we’ve been a little busy.But we wanted to take a brief breath, use this space to give you a quick update that our site redesign is set to be finished in early February, and let you know that the overhaul of this blog is nearly done as well. We hope to have tons of auto-play audio + side-scrolling.

I kid.

Most importantly, we wish you all—clients, friends, family, total strangers—a peaceful, happy 2014 full of perfect days spent with the ones you love.

We’ll miss you, Lou.