(Sung in the style of the Shaft theme song)

Who’s the gothest candle
anywhere in town?

This one!

Alright, not my best musical analogy. But how goth is this candle‽ Super-goth is the answer.

But/and it’s also awesome. Not only are the black on black aesthetic and the container shape both pretty stellar, but the scent—Gunpowder Green Tea—is excellent.

Hand-poured in Brooklyn, NY by Joya Studio, the finished product’s a collaboration with Nashville-based ceramic artist Sarah Cihat and “features notes of shiso tea leaf, white mint, cape jasmine, calla lily and Sicilian lemon.” So, yeah, a candle you want to eat, but also one that calms the nerves and gets you nice and cozy on those chilly winter nights.

And yes, it does get chilly at night in southern California.

Kind of.

We got the candle at Brooklyn’s Article&—a favorite Cobble Hill boutique of Katie’s. You can order it online from them or directly from Joya, who has quite a nice selection of candles and the like.