Another entry in the Stuff We Like category, these tall, spruce-scented candles from a collaboration between the good people at Good Candle + designer Brian Farrell.

Brooklyn’s Good Candle has been hand-pouring their candles in Crown Heights since getting their start at the ever-popular Brooklyn Flea in 2012. Sourcing American-grown soy wax and clean-burning braided cotton wicks, they number among the now deeply crowded field of sustainably made, craft candle-makers. You’ve likely seen their mason jar candles all around town.

But we love the artwork they pulled in for the glass from NJ-based, Minnesota-born, Rome-raised (that’s never before been written, right?) Brian Farrell, known for his oft-colorful, always intricate handmade decorative patterns. Most of his work tends to remind me of re-imagined hex signs from the Pennsylvania Dutch folk art tradition. My grandmother and her ilk used them, and I was never clear on whether it was more for the purely decorative sensibilities of them or for the superstitious uses. I’d like to think the latter.

Talismanic or not, these Good X Farrell candles are both beautiful and pleasingly aromatic, in that “I feel like I’m wandering around a pine forest” way, not in that “I wandered into a Yankee Candle at the mall and now I can’t breathe” way.

We got ours at Hemingway + Pickett, just up the street from MooShoes Los Angeles, but you can also order them online.