New York City has long and rightfully been known for its strong independent spirit and its vibrant fashion scene. So it makes sense that the indie fashion scene has always been impressively strong here. Soon after we first moved to NYC, one such rising star among the scene, Shana Tabor, caught our eye with her store, In God We Trust, and all its beautiful, quirky, timeless designs. Years later, Shana’s expanded her tiny suave empire to four stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the most recent of which celebrates its opening in Sir‘s old space on Bedford tonight (above, courtesy of Izzy Grinspan/Racked). We got a chance to catch up with Shana and opine on such things as how best to brainstorm store names, kick-ass coffee, and the season’s exciting coming trend (hint: It’s dragons). Check it.

Kindness of Ravens: Okay, first off, how is it that you’re taking over the NYC indie fashion scene? You went from a start-up line where you did everything to, what, 72 stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan? How’d you do that?

Shana Tabor: I’m not really sure, sorta’ retarded, right? I actually have started to feel foolish when the company is doing something new, like we are made of money or something. We are not made of money, I’m just really good at spending it! I really made sure to be clear that we are only re-locating a store and not opening a new one. That just sorta’ seems crazy. All the opportunities we have had have been sorta’ presented to us. I just say “yes” to them.

…but I guess the best answer for the question is—I work super-hard and I super like my job!

KoR: Are you really into having a presence with these storefronts? I mean, you could have just kept up with your line and been really successful selling out of other people’s shops, but you’ve created all these spaces and they all seem to have this great visual persona—like a super-hip grandparent’s attic. Was creating these spaces important to you?

ST: Oh my god, of course! I love creating these spaces! I enjoy it as much (if not more) as I do making a dress or a new piece of jewelry. It’s all a matter of concept and construction. Besides, our own stores are the perfect showcase for the stuff we make.

KoR: Makes sense. Do the individual stores serve different purposes? We know you had  a small shop in Williamsburg that mainly did consignment and housewares, but the rest seemed mainly geared around men’s and women’s lines.

ST: No special purposes. Well, except our Greenpoint location exists more to house our studios and offices. We were playing with the Wythe store for a bit to figure out what we really wanted to do with that space (being my baby). The answer was clear when I was offered the space on Bedford.

KoR: Yeah, that Greenpoint space is AMAZING. We heard that you took over the lease for the new space from Joanna Baum of Sir, who’s shifting to a wholesale model. Are you all pals or is it just true that everyone knows everyone in the NYC independent fashion world?

ST: That is all true. We are pals, but we did meet in the fashion world. I’m not that cool.

KoR: Cool in the school? We’ve always loved your jewelry—Who can beat a ‘Best Fucking Friends’ necklace? Any chance you’ve got something new on the horizon you can tell us about, clothing- or jewelry-wise? Have you considered a dragon pendant, by chance? Dragons are going to be HUGE in the spring, we hear.

ST: DRAGONS???? How did you know what my spirit animal is? Yes, everything is coming up dragons.

KoR: Awes. Ome. Where’d the name come from? Huge fan of the Psalms? Money? Trusting?

ST: Let’s be honest—I’m a stoner. It came to me in a fantasy land. (insert more dragons here)

KoR: We appreciate your honesty. And what can you tell us about the opening party tonight? Last party of yours we went to was for Fashion’s Night Out at the Greenpoint space and it was hands-down the best FNO party we’d been to. So what can we expect? Sword-swallowing? Pyrotechnics? A little soft shoe?

ST: Nothing really that crazy, it’s sorta’ a small space. We are having most of our party times across the street at The Soft Spot bar—open bar from 7-9 food and good times!

Funny you should mention the sword swallowing though, because we have decided to theme our FNO this year as carnival.

KoR: Nice! Okay, real quick-like—Favorite piece in the store right now?

ST: We have these rad silk sailor pants that I am dying for. I’ll wear them for you tonight!

KoR: Favorite brand of coffee?

ST: Vivace. St. Helens  Cafe used to serve Vivace. Man that shit is good. But no one in NYC sells it anymore so, poo poo for me. If I have to pick NYC, GIMME!!!! all the way.

KoR: I’d certainly take Gimme over poo poo…. Band you can’t stop listening to lately?

ST: Your mom

KoR: Damn, why you gotta’ bring my ma into this? Favorite store that’s not yours?

ST: I have a lot of store crushes, one of my all time faves—John Derian Company.

KoR: Obsession of late?

ST: I told you already—dragons!?!

KoR: Right right right. Best bar in NYC?

ST: Does a bottle of wine in my apartment count?

KoR: Um, yeah! Are you a Project Runway fan? If so, psyched for the new season? If so, favorite contestant so far?

ST: Nope, I don’t have cable. The only time I get to watch it is on an airplane.

KoR: They get all the good shows, though. If you were an element on the Periodic Table, you’d be…?

ST: Au, I like you.

KoR: The feeling’s mutual, Rhymin’ Simon.

In God We Trust’s Williamsburg Opening Party is being held tonight, August 1, from 6PM to 10PM; 129 Bedford Avenue (between 9th and 10th streets). Get Yo Style On.