I know, I know, I know. You came here looking for music recommendations or a nice recipe or maybe really bad pictures of me eating veggie dogs and now you’re about to shut the browser window because you don’t want to watch this kind of stuff. But I plead with you, do.

We’ve been asked, I don’t know, a bazillion times why we’re vegan. This is why. The abuse and long lives of confinement that dairy cows are forced by us to endure is just as terrible as what’s endured by cows raised for slaughter—some could argue worse.

One could argue that this is an isolated case (it’s not), but even if it were, the fact remains: It’s simply not possible to build an industry that serves millions of people on the backs of living, feeling, thinking beings and have them be treated with any kindness.

This video footage is nearly unbearable, but, if you’ve gotten this far in the post, I ask that you watch it. At least some of it. Even if you think these workers stand alone (again, they don’t), just seeing how the animals are confined….

And thanks in advance. Really.

Photo: Two cows enjoying some R+R post-rescue at Farm Sanctuary. Find out more here.
Video footage courtesy of Mercy for Animals.