Bears in Love

Remember how your grandmother used to collect all those weird donkey statuettes and put them in display cases around her house and every time you went anywhere any time you had to be sure to bring her back a tiny donkey? No? Just me? 

Well, fine. But, if my grandmother had been a cool cat with fine taste…and born a lot later, she probably would have been a big fan of kg + ab, like we are now. We recently came across this Brooklyn duo and absolutely adore their snow white porcelain figurines of tiny owls, diminutive foxes, itsy pugs, and, yes, bears hugging. Totally awesome. Katherine Grandey (the kg in kg + ab) seems to be the main crafter, and she makes some really nice stuff. We love how clean all the pieces look, like they were swiped from a pristine ice fortress of high taste. And we’re suckers for a woodland theme. She even has log-shaped vases. You can see more of the work on their blog and buy straight from etsy.