When we first moved to New York, what seems like ages ago now, we were introduced to the term, “bodega.” If you don’t live in New York or a largely Spanish-speaking area of the world, you’ve likely never heard the term. Translating literally to “cellar,” in New York City, it’s a pretty much universal term for a neighborhood convenience store. For some reason.

Alright, Reader, so you’ve got that one necessary piece of background information. The other piece: New York is awesome for vegans. But local stay-at-home vegan dad, Eric Hopf, is setting out to make it even more awesome by opening the city’s very first  all-vegan bodega. If you’re not vegan, you’re reaction is probably along the lines of “meh,” but to those of us who ARE vegan, we’re psyched. So we’re more like “YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH!”

A ton of vegan foodstuffs from all over the world at out fingertips? Super! Dispensing of the need to read the ingredients list for every packaged product? Awesome! I’ll shave HOURS off my day. An all-vegan CSA? Sign us up! A brand new deli-style vegan ‘meat’ slicer? That shit is tight! And they’re open to other ideas too, Reader. Check out the project video below and then head over to their Indie GoGo page (it’s like Kickstarter) to find out more and contribute to the store’s realization. Woo!