Reader, if you, like us, happen to be a part of an NYC community supported agriculture group (CSA), you, like us, may well have a shit-load of peaches. Which begs the question, “What the fuck do I do with all these peaches?”

No, we’re not offering to take said peaches off your hands—we’re peached-out, man—but we do have a creative use for them if you’re interested.

Not only is this olive oil peach salad super-versatile—you can eat it on toasted bread like bruschetta or as a normal cold salad in a bowl, like we did recently—it’s also hella easy.

You can figure out your own proportions based on your desired sweet-to-savory ratio…and just how overloaded with peaches you might be, but you essentially slice up a bunch of peaches (8 for two servings in our most recent case),  dice up a sweet, mild onion (say Vidalia, half or so for two servings), throw in some sliced, bruised basil, a dash of salt, and toss in a bowl with a few tablespoons of nice extra virgin olive oil. The result—a superb, fresh summer salad that pretty much anyone can make in a pinch.

And thanks to our friend, Christy, for first introducing us to this salad last summer.