File this under ‘Lives Up to the Hype’.

Sure, we’ve seen the beautifully packaged, very expensive Mast Brothers chocolate around town, but I’ll admit—we’d never had a bite of the stuff and had merely admired it from afar.

Until now, thanks to our friend April, who was kind enough to give us a couple bars for our recent anniversary—based entirely on which wrapper she thought we’d appreciate more, mind you. She knows us so well. According to the Brothers’ site:
“Mast Brothers Chocolate offers a variety of single estate and single origin chocolates as well as our first house blend. We have partnered with incredible farms and organizations such as Anderson Almonds, Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, Stumptown Coffee, Maine Sea Salt and Crown Maple Syrup to create chocolate pairings that blow minds!”

Consider out collective corvid mind blown.

Brooklyn-based bean-to-bar chocolatiers and real-life brothers Michael + Rick create their chocolate in small batches, sourcing from small farms and hand-wrapping each bar in paper that’s been printed on an in-house printing press. Yeah—these dudes are serious about chocolate. And beards, it seems.

Check out this brief, chocolate-porn-y video, directed by The Scout. You can also watch a short documentary on their site showing their relationship with one of their primary cacao suppliers, La Red de Guaconejo, a small organic cacao co-operative in the Dominican Republic.

And no. You can’t have any. All ours!