Reader, if you know us, you know we like our time in the kitchen. All those culinary types we see on the Today Show talking about how no one has time to cook anymore and one can only be expected to make food at home if it takes a maximum of five minutes and it can be done while watching The Voice annoy the crap out of us. That said, we’re only human, and there are times that—despite our acute desire to hand-craft an exceptional vegan meal—it ain’t always in the cards.

Which is one of many reason we’re psyched that The Regal Vegan—New-York-based purveyors of the über-awesome lentil-walnut based spread and vegan-friendly ‘foie gras,’ Faux Gras (get it?)—has just debuted a brand new product—Basilicotta—which is, as you might have guessed, a ricotta-like basil cashew spread “designed to blow your mind.” It’s superb on crackers, lovely on some sliced baguette or daikon, or, as you can see from our photo above, made into a pretty primo pesto-like sauce.

We picked up a container of the stuff at the Brooklyn Flea at its 2012 outdoor re-opening in Fort Green a few weeks back and—as suggested by the regal vegan herself, Ella Nemcova—just added the spread with a little warm water to our cooked pasta. Add a few ‘dress-me-ups’ like some fresh basil leaves and crushed pistachios and you’ve got a quick, delectable, totally animal-friendly meal. That, I guess, you can make while watching The Voice.

Or maybe Girls. We’re really more of a Girls household.