We made the list!

Last week, Isa Moskowitz of the Post Punk Kitchen—who’s so famous, she’s got a Wikipedia page (WE want a Wikipedia page – *pouty kick at the ground*)—released her PPK 100, “100 ingredients, recipes, chefs, restaurant, tips, cookbooks, tools and websites” that made them swoon in 2011, one of the vegan-est years yet! As Isa puts it:

“I compiled the list by asking everyone from my mom to my favorite musicians what inspired them in 2011. I also posed the question on Twitter and Facebook (of course!) so that I could get as much feedback as possible. Since this is the Post Punk Kitchen 100, naturally there are a few items from Terry and I that made it on to the list, but I tried to make it as diverse as possible, giving shoutouts to the other people that made our 2011 a delicious year. I also tried to include things that everyone could afford to do right now today as well as a few items that you can add to your bucket list. For instance, I still don’t have a $400 blender but I can certainly swing an avocado masher. And hopefully there’s a tip or trick in here that will even save you money!”

We thought she’d just be putting together a few links when she first mentioned it to us. Foolish us! She went all out, with 100 separate entries from partially frozen olive oil to homemade candy bars to tips on peeling garlic, all super-well-written and in-depth. Holla!

When you get a chance, give it a read. And if you’re interested, we’re numbers 11 (the broth bag), 57 (hand pies), and 98 (solo supers). Now get eatin’ Reader!