This just in, Reader…er…kinda just in. More accurately—this just being written about because we have day jobs, Reader, and have to pay the bills, Reader, we can’t all be trust-fund-Readers, Reader, implied passive aggression intended, Reader. …yeah. We’ll stick with ‘this just in.’

This just in, Reader: Maimonide of Brooklyn—the bizarre-yet-awesome new(ish) South Brooklyn vegetarian joint we wrote up back in January—after expanding their menu to include dinner entrées (vegan pumpkin seed pesto pasta, veggie burgers, and nightly specials) now serves an ultra-cute little slider version of their burgers for lunch (pictured above).

Like its big papa, the ‘lil guy is made of a surprisingly meaty crimini mushroom base and comes on a house-baked sweet potato roll with secret sauce (like a vegan thousand island, for reals), Brooklyn Brine’s locally made pickles, charred onions, and a ‘lil tomato.

Pair all that with their delectable house yuca fries, a nice IPA, and a seat in Maimonide’s tranquil backyard, and you get a lovely, raven + crow approved lunch. Get yo eat on, Brooklyn!