We’re happy to announce yet another collaboration with creative collective Pel (wrote up some other work we did with Pel a while back, including that Web site). This one’s less heavy or serious than our usual work together but, nonetheless, it’s one that’s close to both our hearts and that of Pel principal, Paul Signh.

A while back, Paul ran a music blog named Forgotten Favorite that endeavored to share with the world rediscovered classics (at least ten years old).

Now, so many years later, Pel and raven + crow studio are partnering up to bring Forgotten Favorite back to life.

The site’s namesake is “My Forgotten Favorite”, a song by seminal noise pop band and common favorite between us, Velocity Girl. The song also serves as the inaugural post by Paul. I follow it up with one of my all-time favorite bands, Huggy Bear.

We created the new design and site branding, pulling the color palette directly from the 1991 Slumberland single for “My Forgotten Favorite”.

You can read both write-ups and listen to the songs over at Forgotten Favorite.

Paul + I will be regularly posting new…old songs to the site and employing friends and fellow lovers of music to write up their own forgotten favorites, so stay tuned!