Quick follow-up to our September 5 interview with Kai Clements of the British design duo, Kai + Sunny—the opening was wall-to-wall, with lines spilling out the doors of Subliminal Projects to purchase the limited edition collaborative prints with seminal street artist, Shepard Fairey.

Fairey deejayed the event, spinning tunes as the rest of us perused the pieces…and yes, did some light dancing. Word on the street is that Kai went on to meet P Diddy himself at the show’s after party (proof).

Kai invited us over the night before to get a look at things pre-mob-scene, so we thought we’d post a few shots from our visit.

“Caught by the Nest”—Kai + Sunny’s first solo show on the West Coast—runs until October 5 at Subliminal Projects—1331 W Sunset Blvd. See it while you can. You can read our full interview with Kai from earlier int he month to find out more about the show + the duo’s work.