Today’s Find—The 25th Anniversary Gala of Farm Sanctuary, one of the finest non-profits in existence.

We’ve worked with Farm Sanctuary since they hired us in 2006 to redesign their original logo and re-brand the group from top to bottom. And we’re lucky enough to still be working with them today.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Farm Sanctuary started out in 1986 (thus the math) as very much a grassroots volunteer organization, supported almost entirely by the selling of veggie dogs out of a VW van. Today, Farm Sanctuary is the country’s leading farm animal protection organization, with hundreds of thousands of supporters…most of whom don’t expect a veggie dog in return for their support. They run two huge farm animal sanctuaries—one in upstate New York, one in California; both of which you can visit—and work to end the suffering of farm animals by way of activism, education, active rescues, policy reform, some lovely merch, and anything else they can think of. So, yeah, they’re the good guys, and we’re very proud to work with them.

It prides us even further to be attending their New York gala this Saturday (they’ll be throwing an LA celebration in September). So, though we know most of our friends and clients don’t have stacks of cash lying around their houses/offices/massive yachts, we have to strongly urge anyone and everyone to join us this weekend in supporting a worthy, worthy cause. And hob-nobbing with snazzy celebs while donning decorative duds, eating flashy foods, and drinking decorative drinks. It’s win-win, really.

So, get your glitz on for the animals! Reservation information and—for those of you who can’t attend—support info here. Though we’d love to see you!