You may or may not know, dear reader, that I have an awesome bike. Maybe that’s a bit forward though, like saying, “I’ve got an awesome cat.” I don’t own the cat, he’s a free spirit, and it’s disrespectful—nay, ABOMINABLE—to claim sovereignty over any spirit, especially one so mighty and wild. Such is the case with my bike, The St. Tropez. The Saint, for short.

In New York, unless you’re either crazy-tough or just crazy-crazy, you probably haven’t done that much biking around over these past few, terrible, ice-torn, blizzard-hewn months. But that time is coming to a close. Much as Sauron’s rule came to a close with one faithful act as the smoke-filled skies cleared in a singular, glorious movement, spring is here. And, though we have yet to get in to the truly awesome months, we’ve had a taste of those stoop-sitting, cheap-beer-drinking, bike-riding days. And now we’re thirsty for it.

Seems like we’re not alone. Bicycle Habitat and Recycle-a-Bicycle (the Saint’s point of origin, by the by) are holding Bicycle Trade-In Event next Saturday, March 26. You can bring your used bike to RaB’s SoHo location at 250 Lafayette for a $50 voucher to go toward your new Recycle-a-Bicycle bike—a bike risen from the ashes and built anew for you by NYC public school kids in RaB’s bike mechanic courses. Like a phoenix, but with two wheels and a lotta heart.

Need more NYC-centic bike info? Our 2009 post is here and has a wealth of hopefully still accurate knowledge.

New Yorkers, roll out!