We mentioned briefly last week that we had two big finds at this year’s BKLY DESIGNS exhibition. Well, the second is none other than Brooklyn’s own, Grow House Grow—AKA, illustrator and designer, Katie Deedy. Katie designs what’s probably the coolest wallpaper we’ve ever seen. I know, I know, “Wallpaper cool? That’s like nerds playing football good!” That’s what I thought too, reader. That’s what I thought too. But you sit there and try to tell me that wallpaper designs based on little-known nineteenth century female scientists is not cool. And that’s just what Deedy’s latest collection—Naturalist—is all about. From an American-born scientist exploring the intricacies of carnivorous plants (Ms. Treat, above in two of three available colors) to an Irish lass smitten with bugs (Ms. Ward, to the right), the Naturalist is anything but boring, and Deedy’s skill is channeled into bold, elegant illustrations that we’re straight up jealous of. Ooh, that reminds us—we recently learned that ending sentences in prepositions is totally coolio now. So suck it, 5th grade English teacher…since. Back to the point, take a look at Grow House Grow when you get a chance and be sure to check out the back story behind each of the prints. Educational AND easy-on-the-eye. Can’t beat that. On.