Our Find, this week—as we’re all in the depths of well-intentioned consumerism, frantically running and e-running about for various awesome gifts—is vegan purveyor MooShoes‘ annual Holiday Gift Guide. They’re a favorite client of ours—and yes, that IS a lovely design on that gift guide—and they’ve put together QUITE a nice list this year.

…no, it’s not JUST a bunch of shoes…though they’ve obviously got a lot of those. But they’ve also got some superb ideas on the ever-expanding vegan food front, a shout-out for lovely companion animal photography from Avery Wham, some animal-friendly cosmetics, hard-to-find animal-friendly travel planners, and a great suggestion if you’re looking to give the gift that keeps on giving—the support of your favorite non-profit.

And if you like the sound of that last suggestions, check out Refinery 29’s EXCELLENT charitable gifts guide.

Happy economic stimulating!