Two things: First, yes we did, yet again, fail to let you know about this week’s musical selection yesterday. What can we say. We were enamored with the sheer perfection of the day.

Making up for it today though, we’ve posted We Are Scientists’ brand new and pop-rific Rules Don’t Stop, from their forthcoming third album, Barbara (out state-side next Tuesday). And soccer fans, be sure to check out the slightly traitorous but still funny song they posted on their blog today too, Goal! England. Need non-soccer-related advice? They provide that too. Funny guys.

Second, yes we did indeed take the free Brooklyn ferry over to Governor’s Island this their opening weekend and we were indeed pleasantly surprised to see not only soy dogs on the menu at the Water Taxi Beach, but also vegan potato salad (both lovingly pictured above)! I know, right? And it was totally good. For anyone who hasn’t yet been to Governor’s Island, we strongly recommend a visit. Bike rentals, gleanings from little-known NYC history, open exploration of a fort, bizarrely-placed fashion exhibits, cool ass concerts, quick free ferries, a distinctly eery New Otherton feel, and beer and vegan food. Who could ask for anything more? Be sure to check out the tucked-away munitions tunnels in the fort when you go. And watch out for the smoke monster.

Over and out!