Our big find this week is…um…US! I know, I know, modest, right?

No, more specifically, the Find is our new site, which we’ve been working on for what feels like years. We’ve been testing it out for a few weeks now, so, if you’ve visited recently, you might not be that impressed. But we do encourage you poke around, check out our new portfolio, which features much more of our branding work, publication work, packaging, and a lot more; take a look at the first of our case studies, which we intend to have cover projects and design processes in more detail as we add more over time; and find out a bit more about us, if you like.

So give us a visit when you get a chance! And many MANY thanks to Michelle at Minima Designs for working up the back-end and making our design dreams an e-reality. Realit-e? …Okay, we’re still workin’ on that one.