Quick post today, less due to lack of time to post, more due to lack of time to act.

The New York City Council is voting tomorrow on Intro. 371, an essential pro-choice bill that will bring transparency to controversial crisis pregnancy centers, what they do, and how they portray the pregnancy and abortion to impressionable young women and girls.

As you might be able to guess from the title of the recent report by NARAL (above), these centers, whose ads you likely have noticed all over NYC subways and bus stops (“Pregnant + Scared?”), are notorious for spreading misinformation as part of an anti-choice agenda. If you want to read more, check out the full report here (click to read on-screen, right-click to download, depending on your browser).

NARAL’s swinging into action, asking that those of us in NYC call our City Council members TODAY! Not sure if you’ve ever done it before, but it’s SUPER-EASY and totally not intimidating in the least. Usually you get someone who’s just excited to not be talking to a raving loon. And we were happy to learn that our guy, Brad Lander, is totally already planning on supporting Intro. 371 (District 39, raise the roof). You can find your gal/guy here quickly and easily and it just takes one minute to call. Then you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy all day.

NARAL’s also asking for volunteers tonight to run a phone bank to make a final push of support for the bill tonight. Just head on over to their offices—
Tuesday, March 1, 6-8:30 p.m.
NARAL, 470 Park Ave. South, 7th Floor South

So take a minute, make a call, and don’t let the jerks win. Holla.