This week’s Find is brought to you by the fine people at Refinery 29 and freelance writer, Alison Baitz, who penned a piece for R29 on eight new print zines that are worth flipping through. Not only are we excited to see a nice ‘Print’s Not Dead’ piece, but Baitz has captured some very noteworthy publications in her write-up. Our fave—Kinfolk, a beautifully laid out magazine from “a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings.” They continue—”We recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, not just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us. We have come together to create Kinfolk as our collaborative way of advocating the natural approach to entertaining that we love.” Pretty cool. And pretty pretty. The first print version has sold out already, but they’ve done a superb job of replicating the clean, aesthetically alluring, photo-driven pages online, complete with video links. Obviously, we’re anti- beautification of bacon and fish-gutting, but the magazine brand itself, art direction, and the idea behind it are all superb.

OOH! Also Found—a really entrancing, beautifully composed piece of pop music (below) via our new best-blog-friend, Electric Panda, by Australian artist Gotye. Check out EP’s write-up the artist and track on his blog.

Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) by Gotye