We love this time of year when it comes to new music. Be it just the symbolism of new beginnings or artists who held off on releasing material until after the noise of the year-end holidays, January and February are always chockablock with exciting new singles and album announcements.

Though, again, we reiterate our celebration of artists who say “fuck it” and come out with albums in December anyway.

This month’s mixtape features some singles from favorite artists who announced new albums in the past few weeks and some new-to-us artists we’re excited about too—we hope you enjoy.


We also realized we haven’t talked about the overall mixtape series in this space since we relaunched it last fall, but we did put out mixes for last October and November. You can find them and any mixes to come via our Apple Music profile and/or Spotify one.

Finally, we decided to revamp the look of our mixes with the new year, tapping into old Polaroids from our 240 Land Camera.

Happy listening, friends!