We’ve been buried deep in an exciting new venture that can’t quite talk about yet—it’s set to debut at an event this weekend with any luck. But we can say it involves some packaging work, which segues nicely to our longtime admiration of Los Angeles based chocolatier Comports. They don’t make Food Empowerment’s Chocolate List (more about that at FEP’s site), but we’re fans of their unmistakable packaging, claimed by the not-so-shy company itself to be “the most beautiful and distinct packaging on any food worldwide.”

I mean. It is pretty great. We enjoy the old school Hollywood class of their dark chocolate + smoked sea salt bar, but, more commonly, the chocolates feature vibrant, bold, insanely colorful patterns and illustrations that are pretty impossible to walk by without checking out.

You can find Compartés at their Brentwood + Melrose shops—or boutiques, as they call them—and, for us, more locally at neighborhood favorite, Poketo. Not all their chocolates are animal product-free, but they’re good about noting when they are.

For anyone wondering, the palm tree covered California Love dark chocolate and pretzel bar is.

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