I’ve seriously had this song stuck in my head all weekend, so I felt the need to spread the glorious disease that is the infectious love of it.

We first heard “Unbound”, by San Francisco-based duo, Cathedrals, via MS MR‘s most recent Track Addict compilation, which we wrote up in May (as of writing, you can still download that entire track listing, so, if you haven’t already, we strongly suggest you head over and do so). The band’s made up of Brodie Jenkins + Johnny Hwin and their sound can most succinctly be described as addictively smooth, vocal-forward, electronic-based pop.

Maybe that wasn’t succinct, but I’d say it’s pretty accurate. See what you think—give “Unbound” a listen and, if you like it, check out some of their more recent and similarly excellent songs on their SoundCloud page.

Fair warning though—a side of effect of getting this song stuck in your head is the potentiality of getting the chorus of the Lumineers’ “Hey Ho” stuck in your head (the first five notes of their respective hooks are the same).