Reader, be you good friend, valued client, or random passer-by, you may or may not already know that Katie + I are moving to California for a little while. With us will come our design studio and what we’re hoping will be a very cooperative cat + dog in the back seat of our Volvo 240 as we trek 3000 miles across this fine nation.

Though we were undeniably enchanted by our trip West this past April, we had only lightly batted around the idea of spending a more significant amount of time in the Golden State. But an opportunity’s recently come up that we think is too good to let pass by, so we’ll be living + working in Los Angeles from August to the end of November or so.

And, though we’re excited to be transitioning ourselves to a new place—geographically, mentally, and professionally—we’re also starting to get a little nostalgic as our push-off date grows near.

Just last night, walking out along the piers in South Brooklyn, seeing the city across the water and inevitably running into friends + neighbors along the way in this tight-knit community, it struck me how much I’m going to miss this place. Even if we’re just leaving for one third of one year, that’s one third of one year away from a place we’ve lovingly called home for almost a decade now. Which, I just realized, is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place in my entire life.

Clearly, there are many things to be missed about living in New York—the style; the existence of seasons; the classic architecture; the cozy days of overcast rain or snow; the ability to get anywhere with a healthy combination of walking + public transportation; the practical, down-to-earth, no-nonsense default attitudes of New Yorkers; the fact that you can say, with the utmost confidence, that you live in the coolest city in the world—the thing we’ll miss the most, without a doubt, are our very much loved friends. From the people we’ve known since college and moved from city to city with for years to the neighbors we met only a few years ago but have grown closer to than ever before, none of you are replaceable and it honestly pains us to leave you.

But, change you choose is always good, right? And we feel the need for change right now, even if only for a few months.If you’re a client, as we’ve likely already mentioned, nothing should change work-wise—we’re taking on our usual workload with us, continuing to serve our East Coast clients and exploring a few news ones out West. We only anticipate that our work days may be filled with a little more sunshine + avocados.If you’re a friend—come visit! For real!

And as for the blog here, we’ll likely be taking some time off while we’re on the road, maybe documenting a little along the way live via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and then after the fact on these pages.We’ll take lots of photos. Wish us luck! Cats + dogs love hanging out in the back seat of a car for 46 hours, right?



If you missed it, we had a week dedicated to our last trip to LA on the blog a while back full of interviews, restaurant reviews, and all that good stuff. Check it out and see why we loved the place so much.

Bee tee dubs—Awesome california pendant above by our friend Chris of Yellow Owl Studio.