We just realized something: It’s totally our birthday!!!

No, Katie and I aren’t secretly creepy twins, I’m talking about our BLOG’S birthday. That’s right, two years ago today, after a conversation at one of our favorite bars, Kindness of Ravens launched with this very modest post.

And, much like that post, this one doesn’t serve much of a purpose, really. Only to say happy birthday to ourselves. Yay, internet! We now enter the terrible twos. Expect a lot of crying and tiny fist-pumping, reader.

Pictured above, amazing vegan cakes from PA-based Vegan Treats. Yes. Those cakes are vegan. Suck it, dairy. If you haven’t yet experienced the joy that is Vegan Treats, do so immediately. Upper-east-coasters, you can locate a purveyor of their fine goods near you on their site.