Class Actress • Keep You
Yesterday we posted a new song by Brooklyn songstress, Class Actress, AKA – Elizabeth Harper. We actually saw Elizabeth play way back when she just went by her name and played nice, catchy folksy inspired acoustic pop music. Stuff your parents would like. It was good. But this is better.

Harper’s taken that same simple, melodic, hook-chockablock writing and translated it to a more electro-based model that’s somewhat 80’s-inpired but far from stale or derivative. And yes, Reader, I said chockablock. My ONE new year’s resolution was to use chockablock more and I’m JUST getting around to it. I know. Resolutions, right?

Harper released an excellent EP last year under her classy moniker and she and her musical partner, Mark Richardson have a full-length debuting October 18th named Rapprocher, which means “to come close to” in French. According to her label, Carpark Records, it’s “the soundtrack for a tragic love affair conducted in European discos and New York nightclubs, via smart phone disconnection and jet-lag disorientation, from within the dull opacity of luxurious hotel rooms and anti-anxiety medication.” …we have no idea what that means, but it sounds oddly hot. And if the rest of the record’s anything like this first track she’s released from it, count us in, Ms. Harper. Er, Ms. Actress?

You can  pre-order the album on CD or vinyl via Insound, and check out the superb “Keep You,” this week’s Song of the Week. C’est comme les bonbons pour vos oreilles, chers.