News on the Quick

Parties Past and Present

One of our favorite Brooklyn shops for high-end, independent fashion, Bird, officially opened its third location in still workin’ it Williamsburg this past weekend with a launch party sized to match the impressive new space. We were lucky enough to stop by and, though we weren’t willing to carry a camera over a glass of bubbly, ever-present Refinery 29 caught the action. Check it out or, better yet, stop by. The new location features even more men’s apparel than their Park Slope store and, like the other two locations, was beautifully designed by architect Ole Sondresen. This one’s even set to be the first LEED certified “green restoration” in Brooklyn. Poster (above) lovingly designed by artist and clothing designer Caitlin Mociun.

Keeping it Brooklyn, this Saturday new-comer Council opens its boutique between other faves Sir and Hollander + Lexer on Atlantic Avenue. Dress-maker, Miranda Bennett, jeweler, Pamela Johnston, and antiques expert Genie Lee run the show over at Council and will be serving up drinks to kick things off for the store, which will feature simple, elegant dresses, unique accessories, and hand-picked antique housewares. We recommend visiting all three stores while you’re out, which, taken as a trio, make a strong point for old-world design and quality. Ye olde awesomeness, indeed! 

The Discerning Brute (hearts) Todd Oldam
Yes we are jealous. Our friend Joshua (aka the Discerning Brute) palled around with none other than Todd Oldham, crafting it up in the name St. Valentine. Want to know how to make a lovely heart-shaped vegan cake? How about a heart-shaped arrangement of red carnations? There’s still time, and Joshua and Todd can show you how here

We Don’t (heart) Foie Gras 
Not the heart cakes and carnations type? Farm Sanctuary, among others, has been speaking out against this cruel industry for years now and has chosen Valentines Day as the day to come out full-force internationally. Find out more and see if there’s an outreach opportunity in your area here

Brooklyn Record Ra-Ra-Riot!!!
To hell with the MP3s, this is the age of vinyl! Again. Like your music served up old-school? Head on over to the Brooklyn Record Riot at the Warsaw in Greenpoint this Sunday for deals-a-plenty. Three dollar admission, noon to 8PM. Looks like last year’s was a…er…riot.

A Different Dark (k)Night
For anyone who hasn’t already heard about this compilation, Dark was the Night is sure to kick all preceding compilations’ collective asses. The two-disk CD set (or triple vinyl set, if you’re still on that record kick) is being released February 17 by 4AD and features all new songs by the National, Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, Yeasayer, Iron and Wine, and über-pairings Dirty Projectors + David Byrne, the Books + Jose Gonzalez, and Feist + Ben Gibbard. You can listen to some of the tracks on their site.
Have a romantically lovely weekend.